ABOUT OldGuyMike

The first thing you should know about Old Guy Mike is that he is old. Not so old that he can’t use a computer, but old enough that forty-year-old women see him as an older man. A much older man.

The next thing you might want to know is that after the Air Force and college he was employed as an in-house magazine writer for a regional publication where he wrote whatever he was told to write. He wrote about politics, sports, housing, the law, fashion, entertainment, straight news, books, and he also wrote a media column. He was awarded numerous Press Club awards and awards from the local Society of Professional Journalists in subjects ranging from consumer writing to investigative reporting.

While writing and editing, he attended law school at the University of San Diego. After law school he worked fro a large Law Firm, a boutique law firm, and wrote marketing materials for law firms. He also opened his own Law firm and worked as a freelance writer. His work has appeared in San Diego Magazine, San Diego Business Journal, Los Angles Times, California Magazine, San Diego Union and San Diego Tribune, Fresno Business Journal, and the Fresno Bee among other national, local, and regional publications. In 2001 He joined the office of the Fresno Public Defender, which he left in 2113 to return to writing. He is a 1976 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of San Diego State University.

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