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GARDENING AND THE $7 TOMATO Plus Other Stories by OldGuyMike [Kindle Edition] Mike Bowler 


If you read newspapers, watch cable news shows, or listen to the radio, you might think all old guys, especially old white ones, were right-wing, semi-literate, climate-change denying anti-sciencers who believe America is becoming a third-world country. You might also think the retired – particularly former government employees – were living the high life sucking off government entitlements and inflated pensions. And you’d be wrong. 

Award-winning writer Mike Bowler shows in a series of interrelated, conversational, humorously satirical essays why these stereotypes are bunk. OldGuyMike can read, write, deserves his pension, thinks women are real people and believes minorities should be allowed to vote. He sees animal cruelty as immoral, tells why tech-geeks should learn to write in English, explains how his pension helped win World War II, and why the West Coast is better than the East Coast. 

He is a former defense attorney, who explains why police stop-and-frisk tactics don’t work. He finds being a bit of a curmudgeon enjoyable and tells about having fun annoying his children by spoiling their children. He expounds on the choice between government conspiracy and government incompetence. And he tells you how to grow a $7 tomato.


DUMP TRUCK, A Public Defender’s Story (DUMP TRUCK, A Public Defender’sStory) [Kindle Edition] Mike Bowler 


 This novella is the tale of middle-aged lawyer, Bill Burke, who after a failed 27-year marriage and successful civil law practice decides to chuck it all to become a public defender in Fresno, California. He finds himself attacked by judges, prosecutors, and his own clients who all want to push him around. He sees both the absurdity and reality of the American legal system concerned so much with efficiency that it punishes only the poor and dispossessed. He begins to understand why Charles Dickens said, “The law is an ass,” when he has to take a dancer’s “buttock cleavage” case to trial.



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